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Organizational Resources

Council of State Governments
Hispanic Elected Local Officials
International City/County Management Association
National Association of Counties
National Association of Towns and Townships
National Conference of Black Mayors
National League of Cities
Public Technology, Inc. This is highly recommended for community information!
Sister Cities International
Small Towns Institute
United States Conferences of Mayors
Women In Municipal Government

Other Useful Community Links
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Other Useful Community Links

The Civic Network. This is a powerful overview of the emerging inter-community information infrastructure.

Civic Society. The Civic Participation Page carries new articles, reports, and other information about the condition of democracy and civil society. Much of the material comes from leading policy research and advocacy organizations . . .

Civic Toolkit. Here is a toolkit for local and municipal information systems.

Free-Nets & Community Networks. A valuable resource.

Teachers. The National Teachers Enhancement Network offers graduate-credit science and mathematics courses to teachers nationally. Teachers are able to participate in the telecomputing courses from convenient home or work locations by dial-up modem connections or Internet access. The Network provides teachers with high quality graduate science courses taught by university scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. It also enhances professional networking nationwide between science teachers and active research scientists.

Colorado. AeRie is a presentation of information on Applied Rural Telecommunications.

Iowa. A powerful community resource at the state level.

Lexington, MA Read how the town of Lexington, MA is creating an educational system via cable.

Fitchburg, MA. GIS. Geographic Information Systems are being used to good advantage by communities. Learn more from the Fitchburg, MA community page.

Cambridge, Massachusetts Community information effort by the city of Cambridge.

Cambridge, MA MIT. Another powerful local and municipal tool being developed.

Philadelphia, PA. Notable community information efforts by the city of Philadelphia.

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CSG, the multibranch organization of the states and U.S. territories, champions excellence in state government, working with leaders across the nation and through its regions to put the best ideas and solutions into practice.

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International City/County Management Association ICCMA

777 North Capitol Street, N.E.
Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20002
202/962-3500 (fax).

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National Association of Counties National Association of Counties

440 First Street, NW
Washington, DC

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National Conference of Black Mayors
Michelle D. Kourouma, Executive Director
1422 W. Peachtree Street NW
Suite 800
Atlanta, GA 30309
404-876-4597 fax
Founded: 1974
Members: 361
Staff: 5
Budget: $400,000
State Groups: 17

Nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting the development of municipalities managed by black mayors. Objectives are to: improve the executive management capacity and efficiency of member communities in the delivery of municipal services; create viable communities within which normal government functions can be performed efficiently; provide the basis upon which new social overhead investments in the infrastructure of communities can utilize federal, state, local and private resources to encourage new industry and increase employment; assist municipalities in stabilizing their population through improvements of the quality of life for residents and concurrently create alternatives to outward migration. Facilitates small town growth and development through energy conservation. Offers workshops; compiles demographic statistics. Awards: Fannie Lou Hamer Award. Frequency: annual. Type: recognition. More. Conventions/Meetings: annual conference (exhibits) - always April.

Hispanic Elected Local Officials
Mary Gordon, Contact
National League of Cities
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20004
Founded: 1976
Members: 150
Membership dues: individual, $45 (annual)
Languages: English, Spanish.

Hispanic elected officials at the local level. Seeks to allow members to share information and experiences concerning local government issues. Publications: none. Formerly: (1980) National League of Spanish Speaking Elected Officials; (1984) Elected Spanish Speaking Officials.

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National Association of Towns and Townships
Jeffrey H. Schiff, Executive Director
1522 K Street
Suite 600
Washington, DC 20005
Founded 1963
13000 members

Federation of state organizations and individual communities. Provides technical assistance, educational services, and public policy support to local government officials of small communities across the country. Conducts research and develops public policy recommendations to help improve the quality of life for people living in small communities. Sponsors educational conferences and training workshops. Bestows Grassroots Government Leadership Award and Legislator of the Year award. Maintains Small Town America Hall of Fame. Divisions: National Center for Small Communities. Absorbed: (1983) National Association of Smaller Communities (founded 1977).

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National League of Cities NLC

Donald J. Borut, Executive Director
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 902
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 202-626-3000
Founded: 1924
Members: 1400
Staff: 65
Budget: 7,500,000
Groups: 49

Federation of state leagues and cities. Develops and pursues a national municipal policy which can meet the future needs of cities and help cities solve critical problems they have in common. Represents municipalities before Congress and federal agencies. Offers training, technical assistance, and information to municipal officials to help them improve the quality of local government. Sponsors the National League of Cities Institute.

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Public Technology, Inc. Public Technology, Inc.
Doctor Costis Toregas, President
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C.

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Sister Cities International
Thomas W. Gittins, Executive Vice President
c/o Town Affiliation Association of the US
120 S. Pane Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 708-836-3535
Founded: 1967
Members: 850
Budget: 1,250,000

U.S. cities, towns and villages. Seeks to affiliate cities in the U.S. with cities in other nations, in the hope that each city-to-city contact will encourage better international understanding in the fields of education, culture, and economic and social relationships. More than 850 American cities are affiliated with 1300 foreign cities in 90 countries. Provides advice to American cities in choosing a "sister city"; offers document distribution service to mail timely publications, reports, and surveys of general or specific interest to member communities. Sponsors technical assistance program which sends U.S. technicians to developing countries. Aids members who wish to undertake specific projects, such as sending equipment abroad or participating in student exchange group tours. A regional and state system now exists in all states. Presents annual Sister City Award sponsored by the Reader's Digest Foundation. Maintains library. Telecommunications Services: Easylink, 62885879; fax, 703-836-4815; telex, 401565. Committees: Organizational Relationships; Public Officials; Special Programs; Youth Programs. Also Known As: Town Affiliation Association of the United States, Inc.

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Small Towns Institute
Kenneth Munsell, Director
PO Box 517
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone: 509-925-1830
Founded: 1969
Members: 1750
Staff: 4

Individuals and institutions interested in small town problems and potentials. Collects, assembles, and disseminates information on small town living, especially in regard to planning, revitalization, and environmental programs. Provides research data on topics such as historic preservation and arts development for small towns, innovative job resources, and improving the quality of life in community development projects. Maintains library.

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United States Conference of Mayors
J. Thomas Cochran, Executive Director
1620 Eye Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20006
Founded: 1932
Members: 1050
Budget: $8,600,000

Cities with populations of over 30,000, represented by their mayors. Promotes improved municipal government by cooperation between cities and the federal government. Procides educational information, technical assistance, and legislative services to cities. Conducts research programs; compiles statistics. Awards: City Livability Award. Frequency: annual. Type: recognition. Recipient: for mayors of winning cities. Committees: Arts, Culture and Recreation; Community Development; Criminal and Social Justice; Energy and Environment; Health; International Affairs; Jobs, Education and Family; Transportation and Communications; Urban Economic Policy. Divisions: Program Development and Issue Advocacy; Program Development and Technical Assistance. Affiliated With: Labor-Management Relations Service of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

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Women In Municipal Government
National League of Cities
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20004
Mary Francis Gordon, Manager
800-658-8872 toll-free
202-626-3043 fax
Founded: 1974
Members: 300
Staff: 4

Women who are elected and appointed city officials including mayors, council members, and commissioners. Seeks to: encourage active participation of women officials in the organization and policy-making processes and programs of the National League of Cities (see separate entry) and state municipal leagues; identify qualified women for service in the NLC and other national positions; promote issues of interest to women and the status of women in the nation's cities.

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